Other common name(s) : xango, mangostan, queen of fruits, varied complete names

Scientific/medical name(s) : Garcinia mangostana


Mangosteen may be a tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia that’s touted for its antioxidants, particularly xanthones. Its fruit, as well as the rind and pulp, may be pureed and is typically sold as a drink. Mangosteen juice merchandise can also be mixed with alternative forms of juice. Its rind could also be dried and created into a powder, and substances also are extracted from its bark. Mangosteen merchandise also are offered in capsule and pill type. they’re sold in food stores, on the web, and thru individual freelance distributors.

Despite the name, mangosteen isn’t associated with the mango.


Although there’s no reliable proof that mangosteen juice, puree, or bark is effective as a treatment for cancer in humans, its fruit has been shown to be wealthy in anti-oxidants. terribly early laboratory studies counsel it’s going to have promise as a topical treatment for skin disorder. Early laboratory and animal studies counsel that more analysis ought to be done to work out whether or not it will facilitate to stop or treat cancer in humans. As of 2014, no studies are worn out individuals with cancer.

How is it promoted for use?

Mangosteen is promoted to support microbiological balance, facilitate the system, improve joint flexibility, and supply mental support. Some proponents claim that it will facilitate looseness of the bowels, infections, TB, and lots of alternative sicknesses, as well as cancer. In countries wherever the tree grows, numerous elements of the plant square measure utilized by native healers.

What will it involve?

In the u. s., mangosteen is consumed as a juice or puree or taken orally in capsule, tablet, or powder, usually at the side of alternative herbs, fruits, or plants. In Asia and also the Philippines, the rind could also be steeped in water to create tea. Some folks healers prepare associate ointment or salve to use to the skin for conditions like skin problem, injuries, and infections. Others boil the leaves and bark of the tree to create a medicative drink or to combine with alternative herbs to use to wounds. The roots could also be cooked to create a drink for ladies with catamenial issues.

What is the history behind it?

Parts of the fruit tree, as well as the fruit and bark, are employed in folks drugs in Asian countries for several years. within the mid-1800s, a compound in mangosteen, mangostin, was known as a xanthone, a sort of anti-oxidant. Mangostin was found to own medicinal drug effects in rats within the late Seventies. Today, mangosteen is sold within the u. s. principally through a network promoting system, within which freelance distributors, instead of stores, purchase and sell mangosteen juice. several mangosteen merchandise also are offered from food stores and on the web.

In 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned one mangosteen trafficker that the merchandise was being illicitly marketed. The bureau discovered that the merchandise was being promoted to treat unhealthiness, that it had not been well-tried safe and effective.

What is the evidence?

Like several alternative plants, mangosteen extracts have shown in laboratory tests that they’ll stop bound microorganism and fungi from growing, though it hasn’t been tested to ascertain if it’d add humans. within the laboratory, mangosteen extracts have conjointly slowed the expansion of bound cancer cells. And alittle study in rats recommended that the rind of the mangosteen would possibly scale back the chance of neoplastic cell growth within the gut. varied alternative studies are done that show promising results, however they’ve been done on cancer cells within the research laboratory|research laboratory|science lab|science laboratory|workplace|work} or in lab animals. the power of mangosteen to inhibit cancer growth has not been tested in humans.

In relevance its health promotion claims, researchers checked out all the offered scientific proof in 2013 and terminated this:

Despite the many health claims on advertising sites for producers and retailers of merchandise and beverages containing mangosteen, there’s poor scientific proof at this point to support the utilization of mangosteen-containing supplements.

Are there any potential issues or complications  ?

This product is sold as a dietary supplement within the u. s.. not like corporations that manufacture medicine (which should be tested before being sold), the businesses that build supplements aren’t needed to sway the Food and Drug Administration that their supplements square measure safe or effective, as long as they do not claim the supplements will forestall, treat, or cure any specific sickness.

Some such merchandise might not contain the quantity of the herb or substance that’s on the label, and a few could embody alternative substances (contaminants). in an exceedingly 2013 study, a take a look at of forty four samples found that fewer than 0.5 the flavoring supplements tested contained any of the herb that was listed on the label. quite 0.5 the samples contained ingredients that weren’t on the label. this implies that the 2007 bureau rules to assure the right listing of supplement ingredients aren’t invariably followed. Even after they square measure, the principles don’t address the protection of the ingredients or their effects on health.

Most such supplements haven’t been tested to seek out out if they act with medicines, foods, or alternative herbs and supplements, or if they even contain the ingredients on their labels. though some reports of interactions and harmful effects could also be printed, full studies of interactions and effects aren’t usually offered. due to these limitations, any data on unwell effects and interactions below ought to be thought of incomplete.

A few supplement manufacturers pay the US formulary to check and verify that their merchandise contain the ingredients listed on their labels. These supplements all have the USP Dietary Supplement Verified mark on their labels.

Only one case of a significant adverse event probably associated with mangosteen juice has been rumored. Doctors delineate a daily user of mangosteen juice WHO developed beverage pathology (acidic blood because of buildup of a byproduct of sugar metabolism). as a result of mangosteen juice is kind of in style and most users don’t develop beverage pathology, the doctors counsel that this downside could have resulted from associate interaction of this supplement with alternative medicine he was taking.

A 2014 study gave xanthone extract from mangosteen to mice with inflammatory bowel disease|colitis|inflammatory bowel disease} and located that it created the colitis worse. despite the fact that this has not been tested in humans, {it would|it would possibly|it’d} counsel that folks with inflammatory bowel disease might need to use these supplements with caution.

No alternative unwell effects are rumored so far. like all plants, allergies could also be potential. due to its inhibitor effects, mangosteen supplements could build radiation or therapy less effective. This concern relies mostly on theories of however cancer treatments work, however it’s supported by some recent studies. For this reason, individuals being treated for cancer ought to speak with their doctors before taking this supplement. alternative interactions aren’t well delineate.

Always speak along with your doctor and health care provider regarding all the supplements and herbs you’re taking.

Relying on this sort of treatment alone, and avoiding or delaying typical treatment for cancer, could have serious health consequences.

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